Greetings from Norway!

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  • Greetings from Norway!

    Hi All!

    I used to be a slayradio exclusive until I discovered Radio Paralax. Recommend adding it to your Android radio stream app so You can listen on the go. I sat for a few weeks listening in and creating a huge playlist on my last phone (walkman) alot of work, and then that was unfortunately lost to me. I was so infuriated I bought a smart-phone the next week with an unlimited iconnect datatransfer subscription so I could get Paralax. True story!

    I have a few suggestions though.
    Drop the "R A D I O P A R A L A X ! ! !" intro every time you connect to the stream. Happens quite often when you roam on mobile networks and it's so loud it hurts your ears when you're wearing a headset. Have some intertwined infomercials once in a while like slayradio instead.

    Also if possible I would love to see your radioshow in Spotify, I was not able to find you there.

    Otherwise my life is truthfully been vastly enriched by you show, I would probably never have discovered OCRemixes, Nectarine or Scenesat if you hadn't existed. I would never have heard about Hazel, bLiNd or Daxx or all the other extremely talented remixers out there. (I usually just DL'ed from

    Thank you so much for this.

    With the Kindest Regards from,
  • Welcome! Nice to read...

    Well, use the ISDN stream on your smartphone,
    there is no intro.
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  • Hälsningar till Norge

    Välkommen hos oss! :D

    Gläder mig att du har funnit den här platsen. Jag lyssnar också tillfällig på slay radio. Är jättebra ;)
    Om du har tid och lyst missa inte programmet med videostream. Det är ofta ganska rolig :rofl:

    Ha det så bra :)
  • Hello and welcome here.:cheers:

    Thanks for registering and introducing here.:)

    I'm currently planning to replace the current intro with another but first I have to found a solution for a better intro sound. You will notice it soon. ;)

    I hope, we will read more from you soon. Have fun and enjoy your stay.:)
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