Best German C64 Games Never (or limited) Released in Englisch?

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  • Best German C64 Games Never (or limited) Released in Englisch?

    I see quite a few German language games over at but I thought I'd ask you guys -- what are the best ones that never got translated to English? Your favorites?

    Also, any fan-made translations or minor releases that just might have gone unnoticed in English-speaking markets?

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  • I've edit your link because it was unavailable due to a "," behind.;)

    There was many german C64 games even from Rainbow Arts which was never sold outsite germany. For example: Danger Freak, Bad Cat, To be on Top...but as far as I know there where almost always in english and if not, I've never played them.;)

    "Oil Imperium" from "Reline", an economy game with action parts could be one of this games but maybe there was also an english version. I only had a german copy of a friend, even uncracked with code requester. But there are possibly some more games.

    Auf Deutsch: Robinson sucht ein paar Spiele aus Deutschland, die es nie in englischer Sprache gegeben hat. Falls euch was einfällt, zählt sie hier auf.:)
    Ich bin der Musikant mit Taschenrechner in der Hand.

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  • here some i know:
    die fugger, werner flaschbier, the little dragon, devoration, voltage, sterne wie staub, springreiten, lysis, krieg um die krone, schwert und magie, gordian tomb, crystal fever, towers of terror, aidon, western contest, tough guys, eskimo games, gilded age, lost ninja, ostfriesland games, winzer