Favorite Games with No Remixes...Yet

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  • Favorite Games with No Remixes...Yet

    Do you have any favorite C64 (or just for PARALAX, Plus/4) games that have particularly memorable/nostalgic or good tunes you wish were remixed?

    I have a list of wishes:

    Realm of Impossibility
    Archon, Archon II (Adept) - sequel sounds similar and would work well in the same remix
    The Bod Squad
    Adventure Construction Set
    Below the Root
    Mail Order Monsters
    Mayhem in Monsterland - could be very Unzy! ;)

    Can't get my links to work... but I'm using c64.org/sidfind/index.php

    Any new remixes of those above titles would make my day!

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  • I personally have many favourite C64 Games....too much to count.;)

    But I played mainly Action and Jump & Run Games...here is a small and uncomplete list:

    - Bubble Bobble
    - Thrust
    - Space Taxi
    - Giana Sisters
    - Wonderboy
    - Flimbos Quest (I saw it first 1990 at a friend, but I couldn't copy the original disk due to the protection. So I freezed and backuped only the first level with FC3. I got the full cracked version some years later from internet when I transfer it with the X1541 cable)
    - Outrun (Saw it on Arcade machine first)
    - Stunt Car Racer
    - R-Type
    - Katakis
    - X-Out
    - Hard 'n' Heavy
    - Kikstart 2
    - International Karate +
    - David's Midnight Magic
    - Operation Wolf
    - Hot wheels
    - Summer Games 1 & 2
    - Winter Games
    - World Games
    - California Games
    - H.E.R.O.
    - Maniac Mansion
    - Zak Mc Cracken
    - Battleships
    - Track & Field
    - Turrican 1 & 2
    - Paranoima (Game On)
    - Mechanicus (Game On)
    - Turbo Outrun (Music)
    - Outrun Europe (Music)
    - Leaderboard
    - Verkehrsrally (Dutch and German version)

    and many many many many many more...

    And my most favourite C16 / Plus was:

    - Thrust
    - Fingers Malone
    - Xargin Wars
    - Kikstart
    - Tutti Frutti
    - Reach for the Sky
    - Summer Events
    - Winter Events
    Ich bin der Musikant mit Taschenrechner in der Hand.