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  • Hi Guys,

    Im TMC aka Arthur van dam from the Netherlands. I live in Venlo. Im a commodore and amiga lover since the beginning and still be. Nowadays i use my macmini most of the time. Love to go to demosceneparties. Also love to listen to scene radio stations like Radio Paralax.

    Greetz, TMC aka Arthur van Dam
  • Hello now and thank you for finally introducing yourself.:cheers:

    I was in Venlo with my friend very often because it's not far from Pulheim (near Cologne) where my parents are living. We will proberbly ride again this year to buy our most favourite stuff from netherlands:

    So if we ride again, I will let you know in sufficient time.;)

    It's exciting to meet our first real "fan" outside germany.:D

    And I'm looking forward to met you on 28.6. on the Radio PARALAX retro event in Wuppertal.:)
    Ich bin der Musikant mit Taschenrechner in der Hand.

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  • Ein herzliches Willkommen auch von mir und das Vla ist wirklich lecker. Schöne Grüße nach Venlo.

    A warm welcome by me and the Vla is really delicious. Greetings to Venlo.
    Es ist nicht wichtig, wie langsam du gehst, sofern du nicht stehen bleibst.

    Zitat von Konfuzius
  • Daag, TMC
    I remember Venlo in another way, when I was visiting the Willow Party.
    It was very fun to play the games, especially "Glücksrad"
    or as it is called in danmark "Lykkehjulet". I had to guess a party name in the netherlands.
    Some letters already were guessed by other partypeople then, but then I was at it...
    I blamed it because I was too nervous. Just another story.
    C U in the chatroom next time :cool: