Greetings from Canada.

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  • Greetings from Canada.

    Just wanted to drop in and Say Hi and Greetings to everyone. I found out about this place from Paralax posting on other sites. He took the trouble of installing an English Language pack which sure makes it easier to navigate, since I dont know a word of German.

    Now I must download Retro Mix Volume 2 :) and looking forward to future Retro Mixes.
  • hi,

    welcome to our community. i did not expect overseas users joining us. that's great!
    so, to teach you 2 words in german, welcome is: "herzlich willkommen"

    if you've some questions, don't be shy but ask - we're used to answer as fast as possible.


    p.s.: some other words in german and its abbreviation: "mfg" <=> "mit freundlichen grüßen" => sincerely yours :)
  • Hello and Welcome to our Community.:cheers:

    Nice too see that you're able to navigate much easier than before. I'll add some notes to the changed a made in the forum a bit later in the News Section.

    I hope you enjoy our mix and other products released here as well as browsing and posting, even to german threads which doesn't matter.:)

    Who's posting english will get an english answer here, too.;)
    Ich bin der Musikant mit Taschenrechner in der Hand.

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  • Thanks for the welcome. :)

    Yeah I use online German to English Translators. They are not perfect, but at least it gives me an idea what the topic or thread is about.

    Although I live in Canada (on the other side of the planet compared to you guys ), I'm not a stranger to Overseas.

    My Background is "Armenian" and I was raised in "Greece", before coming to Canada.

    I had a treat on my Birthday Back in April, when I got to see one of my favourite Germans....."Kraftwerk"!!!! :) I didnt get an authograph, but I got a tip on which door they were coming out from so I got to see them very close, maybe a couple of feet away.
  • Greece will be my next place for making vacations. I already talked with my mother which was on Kreta in the 70's and I heard it's beautiful. So I will travel there next year.:)

    Kraftwerk was very famous in the early 80's but they didn't have great comebacks in the last years. Most of them was remakes (Tour de France f. ex.). But glad to see that they're still making world tours (although they're never giving public interviews or showing their faces in the press).:D Another nice group is "Welle Erdball", even because they use a real C64 for composing their titles. Unfortunately their texts are in german only but not less attractive.;)
    Ich bin der Musikant mit Taschenrechner in der Hand.
  • Hello and Welcome to our Community. :)
    Es ist nicht wichtig, wie langsam du gehst, sofern du nicht stehen bleibst.

    Zitat von Konfuzius
  • Er ist ein Kanadier, darauf kannst Du Dich verlassen.;)
    Ich bin der Musikant mit Taschenrechner in der Hand.

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