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  1. General conditions of use

    Notes to participate as a registered user of Radio PARALAX Community Forums

    The registration and use of our forum is completely free. The Terms of Use must be accepted during the registration. If the Terms of Use is not accepted, no registration is possible as users. The registration as a user and therefore the active participation in the Forum operation is strictly forbidden when the user with the terms of use disagrees. With far-reaching changes to the Terms of Use each registered user will be prompted again that thus amended terms again to accept and recognize thereby.

    We hope you enjoy the benefit of the Radio PARALAX Community Forums.

    Terms of Use

    1. Basics

    1. Governing law of the Federal Republic of Germany should be noted. Disregard can lead to criminal prosecution. The operators (administrators) of the forum will have the opportunity to capture relevant data that can be optionally used in case of infringement to the identification of the person responsible.

    2. The operators (administrators) and notified by the operators Moderators reserve the right at any time without notice for any reason individual users to withdraw the use of temporarily or permanently and to edit posts and profile settings of the user at any time without notice for any reason or . Delete This applies in particular for breaches of the law and infringements of the Terms of Use.

    3. There is no claim by registered users or former users registered that contributions by the operator are deleted.

    For questions about the terms of use the administrators and moderators of the forum are at your disposal.

    2. Registration, participation and membership in the Community

    1. In order to use the forum and the community is prior registration with a valid e-mail address. A multiple registration under different user names, and disclosure of user information to third parties is strictly prohibited, as is the use of trademarked words and Internet addresses as username (nickname). The user is obliged to keep his access data secret and to protect against access by third parties. Likewise, you are responsible as the owner of the account for the protection against its abuse. Furthermore, we reserve accounts with invalid email addresses and multiple registrations without delay and without giving any reason whatsoever.

    2. There is no legal entitlement to activation or Participation in the forum. It is the unrestricted domestic authority of the operator.

    3. There are only natural persons eligible for registration.

    4. Accounts with trash e-mail addresses are not allowed and only permitted in exceptional cases, after personal consultation.

    5. Accounts that have not been confirmed or activated by the email address specified in each case during the registration will be removed within a week of us. If for any reason one can not unlock e-mail, please send us an email.

    6. Profiles without contributions, so-called. "0-Post Accounts" will be removed 30 days after the registration without prior notice. Corresponding user will automatically receive one week after registering a notice displayed on the forum, which will disappear permanently to at least one post.

    7. accounts that were no longer used for more than one year or have written at least one article in this period will be deleted after a period of 2 weeks. Corresponding users get from us on time sent an e-mail.

    3. Provider's services

    1. We strive to keep our forum always available. Moreover, we do not assume any obligations beyond. In particular, no claim of the user is on the constant availability of the service.

    2. We assume no responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, reliability, timeliness and usefulness of the content provided.

    4. Privacy Policy

    1. The use of our forum is usually possible without providing personal information. As far as on our sides personal data (eg name, address or email addresses) are collected, this is as far as possible on a voluntary basis. These data are not without your express consent to third parties. We point out that data transmission over the Internet (eg when communicating via email) can have security gaps. A complete protection of data against unauthorized access by third parties is impossible. The use of published under the imprint obligation by third parties for sending unsolicited advertisements and information materials is hereby expressly prohibited. The operators of these pages expressly legal steps in case of unsolicited promotional information, such as spam e-mails.

    2. The publication of e-mails or private messages (or part thereof) may not be used without explicit consent of the author (author) happened.

    3. The publication of private, personal information such as name, address, telephone number or e-mail addresses by third parties is not permitted.

    5. Duties as Board member

    1. As a user you agree that you will not publish posts that violate these rules, the morality or otherwise violate applicable German law. In particular, it is forbidden,

    • Publish posts whose content constitutes a criminal offense, constitutes an offense or have an offensive, untrue, racist, discriminatory or pornographic content
    • To send spam through the system to other users
    • Topics repeatedly adjust the forum (prohibition of double postings)
    • by law, in particular by the copyright and trademark rights to use protected content without authorization
    • practices considered unfair competition
    • Publish press articles Third, photos sonste media content without permission of the copyright in the Forum
    • To advertise the forum without explicit approval by the administrators. Excluded are content within the user profile and the signature, provided that they do not violate German law.

    Images may be used in the signature if they have a maximum dimension of 500 x 100 pixels.

    In a breach of the rules mentioned above, the administrators and moderators have the right to amend the relevant posts or delete, to warn the affected users or to terminate in serious cases immediately. The operator is also entitled to terminate you as a user to access the forum if there are reasonable grounds to suspect that you have violated these Terms of Use. You can avert these measures if you remove the doubts by documentary proof, at his own expense.

    2. As a user you undertake, prior to the publication of your posts and topics to review these to see if they contain information that you do not want to publish. Your posts and topics can be listed in search engines and thus accessible worldwide. A claim for deletion or correction of such entries by searching against the operator is excluded.

    3. Should third parties or other users take the operator because of possible violations of the law in claim arising from the content posted by you as a user and / or arising from the use of operator services by you as a user, you agree as a user, the operator from all claims, including claims for damages, indemnify and the seller to replace the costs incurred due to the possible infringement thereof. The operator is particularly indemnified against the costs of legal defense. The operator is entitled to demand this of you as a user an appropriate advance. As a user you are obliged to support the provider in good faith with information and documents in a legal defense against third parties. All further rights and claims for damages by the operator remain unaffected. If you are not responsible for user as the possible violation of the law, do not pass the aforementioned obligations.

    6. Other practices in the Forum

    1. should avoid duplicate topics Before creating a document in doubt, first, the search function can be used in the forum.

    2. When creating a new thread, make sure to assign a descriptive title, in which can be seen immediately by what the content is.

    3. The user must ensure that is adhered to the generally accepted Netiquette. Provocative contributions to other forums users are to be omitted, and if necessary modified or deleted by the administrators and moderators.

    4. Spam in the form of deliberately double or similarly generated content is prohibited.

    5. Commercial commercial purposes is not permitted without prior approval by the operator. This also applies to advertising sales for third-party and own the sale and shipment of advertising messages via PM or email to other forum users. Private Auctions, however, can be published in the relevant part of the board "flea market".

    6. requests for illegal software, ROMs, web pages or other content that are in violation of the German law to refrain from and be immediately deleted by us. This applies especially to links to current and the commercially available software of PC and console games. The concerned user is cautioned and locked in case of recurrence.

    7. Transfer of rights of use

    1. The copyright remains with the posts set for each user. However, the user grants the Forenbetreiber with entering his contribution the right to permanently ready hold the post on its website to retrieve and make them publicly available. The administrators and moderators have the right to move posts within its website and to connect with other content, to edit, close or delete topics.

    2. The user has no right to cancel or amend created by him against the posts Forenbetreiber.

    3. The rights of use mentioned above remain even in the event of termination of the Board Accounts.

    8. Termination of Membership

    1. The user may terminate its membership by an appropriate declaration to the operator via PM or email without notice. The corresponding account is then deleted immediately. A recovery along with the profile data contained therein is then no longer possible.

    2. The operator is entitled but not obliged, in the event of termination of membership to delete content created by users. A claim of the user to transfer the content created is excluded.

    9. change or adjustment of the offer

    1. The Forum operator is entitled to make changes to its service. The mainly affects extensions in the form of new functions within the forum.

    2. The operator is entitled to terminate his service by serving a notice period of 2 weeks. In the event of termination of his service, the provider is entitled but not obliged to delete content created by users.

    10. Choice of law

    On the contractual relationship between the provider and the user the right of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply. Excluded from this choice of law are the mandatory consumer protection provisions of the country in which the user has his habitual residence

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